Financial Planning Services

Financial Planning Services includes the initial writing and formulation of a personal financial and/or estate plan and the ongoing tracking of your progress in achieving the personal financial goals targeted in the plan. Services include evaluation, analysis, solutions and recommendations concerning specific and isolated financial and estate planning concerns.


Miscellaneous Services

Miscellaneous Services include evaluation, analysis and recommendations concerning specific, isolated financial planning problems or issues, investment decisions or other financial-related concerns of the Client.


Investment Management Advisory Services

Investment Management Advisory Services includes the design, construction, asset allocation, implementation, and monitoring and comprehensive reporting of investment portfolio(s) on a regular basis. JJSA provides non-discretionary investment management services for client accounts. JJSA’s Investment Management Advisory Services involve the ongoing active management of the client’s portfolio, which typically consists of no-load, load-waived, or institutional class mutual funds, but may include other types of securities. Once the portfolio is constructed, JJSA provides periodic supervision or re-optimization of the portfolio as changes in market conditions and client circumstances may require.